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Jam Class: More Than Just Guitar Lessons

Dan is one of the few teachers you'll ever have who can get you to sound more like you.
Greg Pearson



I've been teaching here in the area for 15 years. You will find no better place to start learning guitar or music in the Washington, D.C. metro area. Check out some YouTube lessons to watch how I teach the technical aspects of playing. Read some lessons to get get into what I think about music. Check out these books that I use in my teaching. I do think literacy is important. Willful ignorance isn't something any serious educator should support. Email me for an inexpensive intro lesson.

Intermediate Players

If you have some experience, perhaps even your own band, working in Jam Class will support you to actively acquire new skills. Immediate constructive feedback from an expert on your ensemble playing will improve your overall musicianship, teach you the skills to run your own band rehearsals more efficiently, and assist you in focusing your practice time more productively. Playing regularly with peers and mentors is not only rewarding but fun.

Advancing Guitarists

You have made a significant investment. Finding and fulfilling your unique voice is the goal now. A coach and a crack backing band will push you and challenge you to make the most of your investment. A structured rehearsal with an expert teacher on a weekly or bi-weekly basis is a great way to take your playing to the next level. Having a full P.A. and backline with quality boutique amplification is a time saving bonus.

Why Study with Daniel Cohn?

I Customize

I tailor my program of instruction to your goals and interests. Want to learn a song by your favorite singer or band? I'm all over it: bring me your Country, your Rock, your Folk, your R&B! I will lead you to the musical promised land! Best of all, I can even help you to find your own musical style, or to expand the one you have already found. But you don't have to take my word for it. Check out the student testimonials.

I Study

Some of my students are surprised to learn that I have teachers, too.

I have studied with Mick Goodrick, one of the most important and highly regarded teachers in Jazz Guitar.

My current mentor is W.A. Mathieu, author of 'Harmonic Experience', the best and most comprehensive book available on harmony and music theory.

I have the necessary background and experience to help Beginners and Intermediate players become Advancing Guitarists.

I Rock

Don't let my background fool you. I'm no music snob. I can show you how to rock out like AC/DC, fingerpick like James Taylor, get the Blues like B.B. King, or get funky like Prince.

    Guitar Teacher Dan Cohn

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