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Awww, shucks! Some kind words from current and former Jam Class students:

  • Margot MacDonald

    Focus: Artist Development, Songwriting, Guitar, Looping

    Influences: Imogen Heap, Temper Trap

    Dan's the man! He packs a lot into a lesson. And it's not just a guitar lesson. It's all about total musicianship and artistry. He constantly pushes me where I need to go... whether I like it or not! But always with great humor. Dan's lessons are a workout yet incredibly fun.

  • Scott Kurt

    Focus: Songwriting

    Influences: Steve Earle, Tom Petty, George Jones

    I've been playing guitar for 15 years. From the very first lesson I learned things from Dan that I would never have come across on my own.

  • Arthur Orton

    Focus: Lead Guitar

    Influences: Neil Young, Sigur Ros

    Dan is a great teacher willing to teach you to take you to whatever level your curiosity and motivation desires. He adapts to your learning style. I've learned more than I could have imagined about technique, theory, improvisation, musicianship, and playing with others. Dan helped me take my playing from the bedroom to the stage and has far exceeded my expectations

  • Joe Flowers

    Focus: Vocals, Rhythym Guitar

    Influences: Van Morrison, Damien Rice

    I came to Dan for guitar lessons but the breadth of his experience allowed me to get so much more. Dan has helped me develop my ability as a guitar player, vocalist, and public performer. His ability to build Jam Class from the ground up speaks to his abilities both as a one-on-one teacher and as a group leader. He's put together an incredibly welcoming community of musicians of all skill levels who genuinely enjoy each other's company, and that's not easy to find.

  • Dave McNamara

    Focus: Bass, Rhythm Guitar

    Influences: U2

    My lessons with Dan are like forging a path into the vast wilderness of music. Dan knows the terrain, points out interesting directions to go, and provides detailed help on specific rough spots, but he's not trying to lead me by the nose. Rather, we're exploring, trying different paths, sometime circling back to things that weren't fully absorbed on the first pass, but ultimately forging a personal path into musical expression.

  • Mark Gilliam

    Focus: Lead Guitar

    Influences: Rolling Stones

    Dan teaches musicians who happen to play guitar. Sure, he'll show all the scales, arpeggios and riffs. Yes, he'll teach everything from two chord folk songs to complex finger style. Whatever you are is trying to learn, he'll always teach how to be a better musician, not just how string a bunch of notes or chords together. Dan wants you to listen and tell a story through playing. In addition, Dan's infectious enthusiasm for the instrument, good humor and great patience makes the student want to learn more and more.

  • Joe Damond

    Focus: Rhythm and Lead Guitar, Vocals

    Influences: Rolling Stones

    Dan doesn't teach you how to play the guitar -- he teaches you how to play music, on the guitar. He not only has the technical chops to diagnose how to bring your playing to the next level, he also has the ability communicate to players at their level, whatever it is, so that they can get to the next level.

    Jam Class is great: Dan has an uncanny ability to hear seemingly every nuance of what each musician is playing, and provide constructive and practical input immediately. Then you are amazed at how these little tweaks make a whole band sound better.

    I'm keeping my day job, but Dan's taught me that even if you may never be a professional guitar player, you can still be a real musician.

  • Brandon Meitz

    Focus: Lead Guitar

    Influences: Pink Floyd

    I have been a guitar player for a long time, but have always missed out on two of the most important components of musicianship; playing with other people, and instruction. Jam class takes care of both.

    By attending Jam Class, I am afforded the opportunity to regularly hone my guitar and vocal skills in a group setting. Having Dan present during the jam offers immediate feedback on what sounded good, and what needs improvement. Jam Class also helps drive some of the topics discussed my private lessons, keeping the instruction applicable and interesting.

    For me, Jam Class is everything I've ever wanted musically; a growing confidence in my own stage presence, the shared experience of playing live music with like minded people, and the growth of my harmonic vocabulary.

  • John Damond

    Focus: Drums

    Influences: The Who

    Jam Class is such a positive experience for me, that I look forward to driving nearly 60 miles each way twice a week, and I'm not even a guitar player. Even though Dan is not strictly a drum teacher, as a music teacher he is able to push me out of my comfort zone and help me become better as an all around musician.

  • Bob Feldman

    Focus: Fingerstyle Guitar

    Influences: Rolling Stones

    One of the many things I like about Dan is that he can teach any type of music. Moreover, he doesn’t just teach you one song after another. He gives you the ability to learn on your own. Along the way, his love for the guitar becomes infectious. And jam class, which comes with lessons, is a real bonus.

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  • Allen Lamb

    Focus: Rhythm Guitar

    Influences: Rolling Stones

    When I started taking lessons I met with Dan once a week at his place. I was probably like most aspiring students: frustrated with my lack of progress, not consistent in my practice and misinformed by YouTube videos and my friends that would “show me a few things”.

    With the confidence I have gained from Dan's lessons, I recently started weekly attending Jam Class along with my lessons. I’m a better guitar player than I’ve ever been before. Jam class is a huge help with my own playing, and seeing other students progress that have also struggled is great and very encouraging.

    When I take my practice between lessons seriously my progress is exponentially better.

  • Gianfranco Nuschese

    Focus: Drums, Guitar

    Influences: Nirvana, The Replacements

    Dan's a fantastic teacher because he makes you want to be a better musician. He uses different ways of instructing that specifically cater to your tastes and interests. He's familiar with a wide range of music, genres, and instruments. I came to Dan for beginner guitar lessons, but ended up gaining much more musical knowledge than I could have ever imagined. Dan helped me with the technicalities of the guitar, and helped me refine and add to my skill as a drummer of 11 years. In Jam Class, we played everything from James Brown to Nirvana. Dan is able to foster a great community of musicians within Jam Class, and will not only teach you to play, but to perform and work with other musicians.

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