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My Mission

Welcome! Wilkommen. Bienvenue. Benvenuti.

Music is a language. I teach musical fluency.

Yes, I Give Guitar Lessons.

I am extremely fluent in guitar. From classical to folk to classic rock and jazz, I am a formidable guitar instructor. On guitar, I've been fortunate enough to study with Larry Snitzler (a student of Andrés Segovia) and Mick Goodrick (who's list of students reads like a who's who of jazz guitar.) I myself grew up on rock, so I've got the collective guitar wisdom on lock. From ragtime to reggae. From hard rock to hip-hop, I can speak bebop and also "What? What? Ya Don't Stop!" Aw, yeahh!

Why Jam Class?

I emphasize literacy, composition, musicianship, and collective improvisation. I teach musicianship for all instruments.

Whether you are a singer, a drummer, a pianist, or a horn player, I can expand your musical vocabulary and help you define your musical vision. As a musician, I am known for my songwriting and composing, so I place a special emphasis on musical composition, arranging, and songwriting.

Learn How Music Works!

If you would like to not only be fluent in music but understand it, I can teach you the grammar and syntax of what is called by some "the international language". If you want to know 'how' and 'why' music works, I have the goods.

All I Need Is You:

I teach all kinds of musicians about the language of music. From professionals to amateurs. While many of my students hold advanced degrees in music I also have students as young as ten, and as old as sixty who never played a note before they met me.

If you have the desire as well as 45 minutes a day to hone your musical voice, I want to teach you to speak music. I want to make you fluent in music. Come. Let's have a talk.

Please. S'il vous plaît? Bitte? Per favore?

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Jam Class Setup

Microphone, drums, amplifiers and a stylized painting of Jimi Hendrix decorate the Jam Class rehearsal space

I provide a full rehearsal room for Jam Class ... microphones, drums, amps, you name it. You bring your guitar and we'll all bring the noise.

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